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Planning a Vegan Party! 

Birthdays, graduations, retirements, new jobs, your dog's birthday, etc. Everyone deserves an epic party with delicious food. 

What if I told you that you can have an epic party that is also cruelty-free?! Win-win? Absolutely!

Tomorrow is my 25th birthday, so I figured what better way to celebrate than to walk you through planning a vegan-friendly event 😊🍾🎉

Let's start with the star-player in any party situation....CAKES. 🍰 Finding vegan desserts (no milk, eggs, honey, gelatin) can be difficult depending on your location, but if you have a Whole Foods around, run - don't walk to the bakery counter and ask them what types of vegan cupcakes they have available. If you're lucky, they will also have layered cakes! 

For my birthday a year or so ago, my mother-in-law found a variety of cupcakes and one layered strawberry jam-filled bundle of deliciousness at our local Whole Foods. The cupcake flavors included: Oreo, strawberry, maple, vanilla, and chocolate. The cake was (approximately) 7 layers of strawberry and raspberry jam surrounded by vanilla cake and frosting. Yum. They usually have lots of flavors in the morning, but they tend to run low in the evening, so get there quickly or call ahead! 

If you don't live by a Whole Foods or you just don't feel like paying $2+ per cupcake, you can count on Ole Duncan Hines and his cousin Betty Crocker. For $2 per box, you can have just as much fun!

There are quite a few boxed caked mixes that do not contain egg or milk in the batter. They will suggest adding eggs or milk in the preparation instructions on the back, BUT that is why we have awesome vegan hacks. Instead of adding eggs or milk to the mix, you can add plant-based milk (almond, soy, coconut, cashew, flax, oat, etc.), a can of soda, applesauce, pumpkin puree, vegan yogurt, fruit fillings, and more! Check out this article! Pinterest is also an awesome resource for more ideas on vegan cake hacks. Check out the frosting too, because there are surprisingly lots of vegan-friendly options 😋

Okay.... cakes - CHECK! ✔️

Next - FOOD.

Party food depends on the occasion, but I usually stick to the basics - veggie dogs / black bean burgers / mac n' cheese / chips / baked beans // or just order cheeseless pizzas from Papa John's (their garlic sauce is vegan - thank you 🙌🏼). 

Ⓥ Favorite veggie dogs/sausages : Field Roast and Tofurky

Ⓥ Favorite black bean burgers: Gardein 

Ⓥ Favorite mac n' cheese(s) ---> Annie's Organic Vegan Mac (click here for 25% off your first Thrive order) -- Also available in shells, or Daiya Cheezy Mac. I've found them at Meijer, Walmart, Target, Sprouts, Fresh Thyme, and Whole Foods. 

 Ⓥ Favorite Baked Beans: I usually buy Bush's Vegetarian Baked Beans because most stores carry them. There are other varieties out there to try, though!

 Ⓥ Favorite Snacks: Most regular potato chips will be vegan. The salt/pepper, dill pickle, vinegar, and bbq are usually good to go as well. As always, check the label just to be sure!

I don't drink that often, but if you do (or want to purchase alcohol for people who do drink) - here is a list of all the different vegan alcohol varities!

Most sodas, lemonades, flavored waters, etc. are vegan. The only perpetrator is Diet Pepsi -- it isn't vegan, but Pepsi Co. won't release what ingredient(s) make it suitable for vegetarians, not vegans (I'm assuming something egg related or a milk derivative?)

If you need eco-friendly party supplies - plates, utensils, confetti perhaps? I've got you covered! 

Eco Plates -- These are adorable cow plates for the kids!

Eco Utensils

Eco Confetti -- This one is plantable 😊🌻

Overall, planning a vegan party should be fun and easy. There are tons of great meat and dairy alternatives out there, so take advantage of them! 

Thrive Market ---> (25% off first order!)

Happy Partying! ☮♡☮

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